3 Bodyweight Exercises To Build Big Arms

Everyone wants big arms, don’t they? To be that guy that everyone looks at with amazement because of their sculpted and ripped physique seems to be a goal of most guys in the weight room. The reason many of these guys will never obtain a rock hard, head turning physique is because their workout routines are filled with too many isolation lifts. Endless sets of bicep curls, tricep extensions, and pec flies are not the answer when it comes to building big arms.

Get Big Arms With These 3 Bodyweight Exercises

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the key to building muscle and getting big arms is to focus on compound exercises and only use isolation movements for “extra” work. Isolation lifts should only be used to supplement your compound lifts, not the other way around.

Did you know there are 3 compound exercises that will help you add massive size to your chest, biceps, triceps, and forearms that require only your body weight?

1. Dips

Dips are great for building muscle definition and strength in the triceps. For emphasis on the triceps, hold your body as erect as possible because leaning forward will change the prime mover to your chest. If you focus on keeping your torso straight, dips are an excellent bodyweight exercise to build rock hard, horseshoe-shaped triceps and big arms.

When dips become too easy, it is very easy to add weight to make them more difficult. Many gyms have belts that allow you to strap weight from your waist, thus increasing the resistance. If you do not have access to one of these weight harnesses, here is a simple alternative: position yourself on the dip apparatus with your arms locked and cross your legs at the ankles. Then, have a parter place a single dumbbell between your feet. It should rest nicely on your ankles, as long as you keep your legs crossed.

2. Chin ups

Chin ups are a great arm-building exercise and are far superior to any form of bicep curls. For one, chin ups are a compound movement, meaning they work multiple muscles at the same time instead of simply isolating the biceps. Another reason performing chin ups is a great way to build big arms is that you can use more weight than a traditional bicep curl.

Think about it this way: many people can perform multiple chin ups. When you perform a chin up, you are lifting your entire body weight. Next time you’re in the gym, load enough plates on the bicep curl bar that would equal your body weight and see how many times you can curl it.

You will notice that you will be able to perform significantly more chin ups than curls. The more weight you lift with proper form, generally, the stronger you will get. If you would like to add even more weight to chin ups, you can use the same tactics explained above by using either a weight belt or dumbbell placed between your feet.

Tip: Wrap a towel or two around the chin up bar to make it thicker. This will put even more strain on your forearms and is a great way to build bigger forearms and increase you grip strength fast!

3. Push Ups

Push ups are an especially great bodyweight exercise because they target your chest, triceps, and shoulders in one easy movement. There are many variations to the standard push up that will put more/less emphasis on certain muscles.

For example, if you would like to predominately focus on your triceps, move your hands closer and keep your elbows tucked close to your body to perform close grip push ups. If you would like to focus more on your chest, elevate your feet by using a bench or plyometrics box and use the standard push up width.

The problem with push ups is that often times they become too easy, thus making it difficult to stay within the 8-12 rep range to maximize hypertrophy. There are many ways to combat this. If you are looking for ways to add weight to push ups, try a weighted vest or backpack with weights, books, etc. inside.

Although, my favorite way to increase the difficulty of push ups is to perform a plyo push ups variation. These variations develop extreme explosive power in the chest, triceps, and shoulders.

To give you an idea of a difficult plyo push ups variation, here is a video of me performing triple clap plyo push ups.

30 Days To Big Arms

There you have it: 3 bodyweight exercises to build big arms. Incorporate these 3 bodyweight exercises into your workout routine for 30 days and I guarantee that you will see noticeable increases in muscle definition, size, and strength.

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To your success,

Colby Smith